Staining & Dying


Whether it is your design or a design our team creates to fit the desires you have for your home, our team can provide you with the high quality floor finish you are looking for.

TWT Exteriors can create beautiful floors, entryways, walkways, patios and even driveways by scoring, etching, staining and coating to create finishes that look like tile, marble, flagstone, wood and more.

When it comes to creating eye-catching designs, patterns and colors, creativity is the only limit.


Indoor or outdoor, staining is a great way to go for durability and customizing your design with a pattern, logo, photos or other graphics can make it all your own and enhance your home or office.


When needed, overlays can be used to produce uniform surfaces prior to staining in order to reduce discoloration and provide a surface that is easier to work with and will bring better results.

Our overlays are high strength, cement-like materials that create a smooth finish on top of current concrete slabs, which gives a new surface to stain & decorate.


Concrete dying produces a similar result to staining, nowever it is a completely different product and application method.

Concrete dye has become very popular in the creative concrete industry and should be considered as a coloring method for concrete based on the project. Like concrete stains concrete dyes can be used for simple projects or to create a work of art.

Most concrete dyes are water soluble and very safe as well as easy to clean up and quick to dry.