Tree Service

TWT has offered high quality tree services in the San Antonio area for years, both  residential and commercial. We are proud of the fact that much of our work comes from referrals from satisfied customers, which after all, is the best proof of your quality!

We are reputable, professional, and of course completely insured. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work. Our full service crew can take care of everything from tree maintenance and removal , to the planting new trees that will replace any trees you may have in failing health.

As always, we put priority on impeccable service and quality craftsmanship. We stress constant courtesy and full clean up  to insure that your property remains in beautiful condition. Call for your FREE ESTIMATES !

Lawn & Landscaping

We are a full service lawn care and maintenance company, it's more than just pushing a lawnmower and trying to work a weedeater. We know our way around various types of vegetation and complex plant life as well as excelling with all different types of grass. This vast collection of knowledge is what makes our Lawncare and Landscape team your everyday go to.

We are proud of our dedication to our superb work like mowing grass, mulching, trimming hedges and raking leaves. However,  our services extend out to more detailed tasks such as  diagnosing and treating diseases, eradicating weeds from your lawn, flower beds and xeriscape, as well as maintaining your gorgeous lawn year round.
We firmly believe your lawn is a key element to your home. You have so many options for landscaping in San Antonio and South Texas, and the TWT landscaping teams are ready to deliver the biggest and best in today's landscaping.

We stay up to date with the most current landscaping techniques and technology in order to keep your lawn looking the best it can be. We aim to make your dream yard a reality. We do everything from xeriscape for some low maintenance work or a gorgeous tropical landscape to get the most out of your outdoor area. Our team collaborates with you every step of the way to get your dream lawn. 

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping can change the entire feel of your home, and we're ready to provide that change with excellent siding.

You have a few choices when it comes to siding material for your home. Brick houses can last for up to 100 years and even over. You may not have to worry about cracks or damages for  at least 25 years.  For a less expensive choice, you may have to sacrifice some durability. Brick-veneers are just as appealing to the eye and come at a lower cost point.  If you're worried about weather, stone houses are a great option.

Some weather factors  will have only a little impact, such as heat, ice, snow, and rain on a home built with stone. Another common use for building a house is Stucco. Stucco is cement combined with water and other ingredients like lime or sand. Stucco creates a rock hard surface which is excellent at keeping moisture out. Another great element of Stucco is that there are synthetic versions available to get the same "stucco" look. These products are not as durable but provide the same great look.  


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