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We aim to offer our clients the best concrete designs to keep your home looking the most beautiful it can through the years.  
Our team at TWT Exteriors & Roofing utilize staining or dying concrete services to create beautiful floors, entry ways, walk ways, patios, and driveways.  We use a large variety of concrete design techniques, including scoring, etching, staining and coating to create gorgeous finishes that look like marble, tile, flagstone, wood and many more. With our eye catching designs, colors, and patterns, creativity is the only limit.


Staining is a great options for indoor or outdoor concrete due to it's long lasting durability. Staining is durable, with highly varied design options, strong ly enhancing the look and feel of your home or office.


For uniform surfacing prior to staining, overlays are an excellent option. They reduce the chance of discoloration while providing a more workable surface, leading to overall better results.
We use high-strength, cement-like materials for our overlays. This creates a smooth finish on top of the previous concrete slabs, priming everything for staining and further decoration. 


Another option is concrete dying, very similar is results to staining, but utilizes a very different method application and overall product.
Concrete cretive work reguarly uses concrete dye. We are able to use color based off the needs of your project.  Color for concrete is versatile enough to use in your home to add some brightness or to create visual art. 
Our team uses concrete dyes that are water soluble and safe, while being easy to clean and quick to dry.


Overlays vary depending on project variables, including location, desired look, feel, etc. We continue to pride ourselves on our highly trained professional TWT Exteriors team who specializes in high quality concrete work. This insures our services, craftsmanship, workmanship and your finished product are always produced at the highest possible standard.
Give us a call anytime and let our professional team help you to determine what's best for you and your project, whether you're choosing a pattern for your home, deciding on a finish or color that will pull everything together, our team is here to help.

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